FTW is a young and innovative family business between the Black Forest, the Alb and Lake

The Hydroflex idea was born in 1994. This idea was then developed into a patentable invention by
Gerhard Walter and the engineering company Dr. Hoffmann. In 1998, the first large sewage delivery
pump with Hydroflex technology went into operation.
In 2002, the development was so mature that this technology was used in larger quantities in the
adhesive sector.
With the founding of FTW in 2005, the Hydroflex technology was further developed for other
applications. From 2007, the control of the pump was realized by a microprocessor. This innovation
made it possible to even use the pump in complex systems and control systems without any problems.
Today, the modular design of the UCP pump series satisfies a large number of customer
requirements. Naturally, our range of services also includes consulting, design and planning of fluid
systems as well as the supply of necessary accessories.

Our mission statement

Customer service is critical to us and we stay in close contact with our customers during the planning
phase as well as after delivery.

We maintain a fair and trusting partnership with our suppliers, all of which are situated in our
geographical region. This is the only way for us to respond quickly and flexibly to customer
requirements while maintaining a high standard of quality.
The company